A designated area on the exchange floor where traders and brokers stand while executing trades. Instead of rings, some exchanges use pits. The CENTER ONLINE Futures Glossary
The term used to describe the area on the trading floor of the LME in which open outcry trading takes place. In other markets, the designated trading area is normally known as a pit. Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein financial glossary
An area on a trading floor where futures or equities are traded. Exchange Handbook Glossary

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I. ring ring 1 [rɪŋ] noun [countable]
1. also ˈprice ring COMMERCE LAW a group of manufacturers or suppliers who have agreed to fix prices, often illegally, so that there is no competition between them and they can make large profits
2. also ˈauction ring or ˈbidders' ring COMMERCE LAW a group of dealers who work together illegally to buy things at an auction (= an event where things are sold to the person who is willing to pay most) at low prices, then sell them later at higher prices and share the profit
3. LAW a group of criminals working together:

• Police suspect a drug ring may be operating in the area.

4. FINANCE the area of a commodity exchange where trading takes place
5. give somebody a ring especially BrE to make a telephone call to someone:

• Give me a ring if you want to discuss the proposal.

  [m0] II. ring ring 2 verb rang PASTTENSE [ræŋ] rung PASTPART [rʌŋ]
1. [intransitive, transitive] especially BrE to make a telephone call to someone; = CALL:

• I rang you yesterday but you weren't in.

• Ring this number for further information.

2. [intransitive] If a telephone rings, it makes a sound to show that someone is phoning you:

• The phone hasn't stopped ringing all day.

ring somebody back phrasal verb [intransitive, transitive]
to telephone someone again, or to telephone someone because you were not available when they telephoned you:

• John rang, and he wants you to ring him back.

ring in phrasal verb [intransitive]
1. to telephone the place where you work:

• Jane's rung in to say she'll be late.

2. ring in sick to telephone the place where you work to say that you are too ill to work
ring off phrasal verb [intransitive]
to end a telephone call; =hang up:

• He rang off without giving his name.

ring round somebody phrasal verb [intransitive, transitive]
to make telephone calls to a group of people, in order to organize something, find out information etc:

• I'll ring round to see whether anyone's interested in coming with us.

• She rang round all the agencies.

ring up phrasal verb
1. [intransitive, transitive] ring somebody → up to telephone someone:

• I'll ring the manager up tomorrow.

2. [transitive] ring something up COMMERCE to press buttons on a cash register to record how much money is being put inside:

• The cashier rang up $300 by mistake.

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ring UK US /rɪŋ/ verb (rang, rung)
[I or T] (UK also ring up) COMMUNICATIONS to call someone on the phone: »

If he's out of the office, ring his mobile.


I rang a few stockbrokers to see what they would recommend.


When someone rings up, we can make provisional approval for a loan within five minutes.

ring (sb) about/for sth »

The price of insurance can depend on when you ring for a quote.

See also CALL(Cf. ↑call) verb
[I] COMMUNICATIONS if a phone rings, it makes a sound because someone is calling: »

The phone was ringing.


My phone didn't ring all morning.

ring the (cash) register — Cf. ring the register
ring off the hook — Cf. ring off the hook
ring UK US /rɪŋ/ noun
a group of people working together illegally: »

a drugs/smuggling/betting ring

STOCK MARKET the part of a stock exchange or commodity exchange (= place where oil, metal, grain, coffee, etc. are traded) where the buying and selling takes place: »

Some commodity markets still have a trading floor or ring.

See also PIT(Cf. ↑pit)
give sb a ring — Cf. give sb a ring
See also AUCTION RING(Cf. ↑auction ring), PRICE RING(Cf. ↑price ring)

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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